Trump Rails Against ‘Saturday Night Live’ Russian ‘Collusion’ After Watching Rerun

President Donald Trump ranted Sunday about the “not funny” “Saturday Night Live” that continually knocks the “same person (me).” He hinted that the sketch comedy show should face “consequences” from the Federal Communications Commission because “there must be collusion with … Russia.”

If Trump was having a deja vu moment, it was for good reason. The episode was a rerun. Perhaps it slipped Trump’s mind that he had already railed against the same episode in a tweet when it first ran in mid-December.

Both times it featured the cold open that riffed on the Christmas movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” The sketch extolled an alternative reality without Trump in the White House.

After it ran the first time, Trump complained about its “one-sided” digs, and asked: “Collusion?”

Here’s what he had to say this time around:

For the record, Trump’s latest approval rating, according to the consistently most-favorable-to-Trump Rasmussen poll, is 48 percent. 51 percent of those polled disapprove of his job performance. Gallop puts his approval rating at 39 percent.

Twitter found Trump’s bizarre tweets almost funnier than an “SNL” rerun.

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