Trouble In Paradise? Trump Glares At Fox News’ John Roberts After McCain Questions.

Fox News’ White House correspondent John Roberts said Friday that Donald Trump “glared at me” before departing for his Mar-a-Lago resort after the president had been questioned on Fox Business Network about his attacks on the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

Trump ignored Roberts among reporters outside the White House, then shot him a withering look as he left for Florida, Roberts said.

The chill occurred just hours after Trump sat for a tense interview on Fox Business Network with Maria Bartiromo. When she asked the president about his repeated public attacks on McCain, Trump insisted he never attacked the senator but only answered reporters’ questions about him — contrary to several of his own tweets and comments before a nation of witnesses.

“You shouldn’t have brought it up,” he told Bartiromo. “Actually, I thought you weren’t supposed to bring it up,” he added, indicating that there had been an agreement with that the issue wouldn’t be raised. Roberts later insisted that wasn’t the case.

Trump called Bartiromo’s question “fake news,” then proceeded to bash McCain — again.

The president was “not happy with us this morning,” Roberts told Jon Scott on air. “He glared at me like I’ve never seen him glare at me before.”

Trump’s faceoff with his favorite network was unusual. He has tweeted recently on behalf of Jeanine Pirro, asking that her program return to Fox News after an apparent suspension following her remarks that the hijab worn by Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-Minn.) may be “antithetical to the Constitution.“

But he also slammed three other news personalities on Fox News who don’t often heap praise on him.

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