Stephen King Offers $10,000 For A Trump Border Wall Debate

Horror writer Stephen King would so relish watching President Donald Trump debate his border wall with another critically acclaimed author that King offered in a tweet Saturday to pay $10,000 to see it happen.

King was responding to a tweet by Don Winslow, author of a new book coming out later this month called The Border. The book is the final offering of Winslow’s fictional trilogy on drug wars involving the Mexican cartels.

Winslow is something of an expert on the southern border, which he has researched extensively for his books. He says he has walked “every mile” of it. He believes that Trump’s wall comes from “cuckoo land” and that the president has concocted a “fictional emergency” stringing together a handful of real events to create a fake world of chaos and crime.

“The narrative that Trump and his allies create is a flat-out lie about chaos on the border, when the people who live there, as I do, have reported the opposite,” Winslow wrote last month in New York Magazine.

Now Winslow has challenged Trump to a debate on the wall.

“Let’s debate the Trump wall and let the people decide,” Winslow tweeted to Trump, adding: “I’ll even do it on your own network — Fox News.” Winslow noted: “You debated 18 Republicans during your presidential campaign, I am sure you can handle one writer. Let me know.”

King piped up on Twitter: “I’d pay $10,000 to see that!” One of King’s Twitter followers offered an extra $20. Someone else offered 20 euros, and another follower offered to “raise” King’s offer by $5,000.

No word yet from Donald Trump.

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