People Can’t Get Over The Bizarre Way Mitt Romney Blows Out His Birthday Candles

It’s Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah)’s birthday, and he can blow out his candles any way he wants. 

The former Republican presidential nominee celebrated his 72nd birthday on Tuesday with a “cake” made of Twinkies, which he called his “favorite snack.” 

“What I always wanted!” exclaimed Romney in a video featuring members of his Senate staff singing to him and carrying the festive dessert. 

After the cake was put down on his desk, an excited Romney removed each candle individually, blowing them out one by one, indicating he’d get a wish for each. 

The more conventional way of blowing out birthday candles, of course, is simply blowing on all of them in one shot. But there’s a chance that would get saliva on your party treat, so Romney’s way is arguably more sanitary. 

Sanitary or not, Romney’s birthday candle style attracted quite a bit of attention on social media:

Cake and candles aside ― happy birthday Mitt Romney!

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