MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace To Trump Defenders: Time To ‘Get Off The Titanic’

MSNBC news host Nicolle Wallace warned “right-wing propagandists” defending President Donald Trump that now might be the time to “get off the Titanic.” She offered the warning Monday in the wake of a startling accusation by former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe that Trump heeded advice from Russian President Vladimir Putin over counsel from his own intelligence officials.

Trump dismissed his own officials’ warning that North Korea was capable of firing a missile that could reach California because he said Putin told him it was impossible, McCabe said in an interview Sunday on “60 Minutes.”

“Think about this,” said Wallace’s guest Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff for the Defense Department and the CIA under Barack Obama, “Putin says to an American president, ’I don’t want you to take seriously the threat of an ICBM from North Korea.’” Putin’s motives would be to “undermine U.S. intelligence,” Bash said. “More  fundamentally, the Russian Federation has had a long-standing agenda to stop the United States from building national missile defenses because those defenses could defend our territory from Russian ICBMs.” Trump heeding Putin’s advice represents a “very dangerous situation.” 

Wallace responded that this might be the time for “anyone in the right-wing propaganda operation” defending Trump to take the “off-ramp.” She added, “This is your moment to get off the Titanic.”

Check out the video above. Wallace suggests an “off-ramp” beginning at  2:20.

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