Mike Huckabee Likens Trump White House To Restaurant Kitchen, Gets Served Online

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Tuesday invoked imagery of an upmarket restaurant as he attempted to brush off reports that President Donald Trump’s White House is engulfed in chaos.

“Have you ever been to a restaurant behind the scenes in the kitchen? I mean, I’m talking about a five-star restaurant,” he said on “Fox & Friends.” 

Huckabee said it may seem “like there is chaos back there” in the kitchen but when the food is brought out, diners say it is “the best I have ever had.”

Huckabee continued with the dining analogy:

What I think people are missing is that this is not chaos, this is an administration who has a leader who has so many things going on, he’s pushing so many buttons and so many things are on his table, on his plate, that frankly, his own staff has a hard time keeping up with him. His stamina is simply remarkable.

Huckabee’s analogy was later picked apart on Twitter:

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