Let’s See What Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Up To On Instagram

Kimberly Guilfoyle — former San Francisco assistant district attorney, former wife of California Gov. Gavin Newsom, former Fox News host, and current girlfriend of professional presidential son Donald Trump Jr. — is in love. One of those loves is, of course, Don Jr., as she so casually let slip in a Washington Post profile last summer:

“I love him so much!” Guilfoyle says of Don Jr. “I love spending time with him. And I have no apologies. We love each other very much.”


“We are best friends.”

It’s clear.

“I absolutely adore him.”

The other is Instagram. Guilfoyle appears to spend a considerable amount of time on the app, updating her story on a near-daily basis and rarely going more than a few hours without smashing that fav button on at least a few photos. It makes sense, then, that she might combine her passions into one. 

Guilfoyle now follows not only the only two (2) “Donberly” fan accounts in existence (one of which has since gone inactive), but also a number of Trump family fan accounts (including, but not limited to: trump_style, trump_family_updates_, the_trump_family, trump.family45, trumppencefamily45, trumpfriendly, firstfamilyoftheusa, and firstfamilytrumps). It would seem that Guilfoyle likes what she sees.

Now, Guilfoyle doesn’t actually follow any Ivanka Trump fan accounts, which I found particularly odd when, a few months ago, I noticed her doing this:

Dozens of photos of Ivanka Trump’s face, all posted by fan accounts and all liked by Guilfoyle over the course of several hours. Ivanka does follow most of the accounts, so it’s possible Guilfoyle was simply looking through her follows and went on a like rampage. It’s also possible, however, that Guilfoyle took the step of actively searching Instagram for Ivanka Trump fan accounts. In either scenario, the motivation behind the rampant fav-ing remains unclear.

Though questions abound, there is at least one thing we can be certain of: It was not an isolated incident. 

This is what Kimberly Guilfoyle is up to on Instagram.

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