Kellyanne Conway Diverts Criticism Back To Hillary Clinton After Russia Probe’s Conclusion

Kellyanne Conway has suggested launching an investigation into Hillary Clinton as payback for efforts to investigate President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia.

Conway, a senior counselor to Trump and his final campaign manager during the 2016 election against Clinton, made the suggestion on Fox News on Monday. It came one day after Attorney General William Barr announced that there’s no evidence that Trump conspired with Russia to swing the election.

“‘Oh, why are you still talking about Hillary Clinton?’ Because folks, you wouldn’t let the 2016 election go,” Conway said.

“Those who have called for a full and fair investigation — ‘I must get the truth, we will not stop. Facts first’ — have at it,” she encouraged, before chastising Democrats over the amount of time and money that such investigations cost. “You have not stopped, you’ve not winced a single moment. You’ve not reflected or been reluctant to waste $25 to 30 million of taxpayer dollars.”

She went on to point out that no one in Trump’s family has been charged in the wake of the investigation, adding that “there should be a reckoning because our democracy bears nothing less.”

Calls for such an investigation into Clinton are nothing new and Trump has continued to attack his former rival since taking office.

In 2016, the FBI did investigate Clinton over her use of a private email server but the probe did not lead to criminal charges against her. House Republicans later asked for a second investigation into not only her but James Comey, the FBI’s former director, and Loretta Lynch, who was attorney general under President Barack Obama.

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