Jokes About Michael Avenatti Abound After Extortion And Fraud Charges

On the heels of former Stormy Daniels attorney and President Donald Trump foe Michael Avenatti being charged by federal prosecutors with embezzlement and attempted extortion of millions of dollars from Nike, Twitter users exploded with jokes.

Avenatti is being charged in California, Mississippi and New York. In California he is accused of embezzling a client’s money to pay his expenses and debts, as well as defrauding a bank by using fake tax returns. He faces two felony counts of wire fraud and bank fraud, according to federal prosecutors in Los Angeles. 

In Mississippi he allegedly defrauded a bank by submitting false tax returns in 2014 to obtain $4.1 million in loans for his law firm and coffee business. 

Federal prosecutors in New York claim that Avenatti tried to extort $20 million from Nike by threatening to release damaging information about the company if it did not meet his demands.

In response to these charges, people on Twitter cracked jokes ― particularly those on the right. Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. went on a tear and hashtagged the Italian word for “enough,” or more colloquially, “stop it.”

Others used GIFs and various imagery to mock Avenatti’s plight.

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