Governor Tells Louisiana To Watch TV Reruns Instead Of Super Bowl

The state’s NFL team, the New Orleans Saints, failed to advance to the Super Bowl after a critical blown call in the NFC Championship Game. So, the governor told state residents to watch reruns of “NCIS: New Orleans” on Sunday, “since there’s absolutely nothing worth watching on TV tonight.”

He did not mention that a certain mega-event involving the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams was airing.

The governor appeared to be endorsing Sunday’s boycott of the big game by some Saints fans, who remain bitter over the team’s failure to advance to the Super Bowl.  

The Patriots defeated the Rams, 13-3, in a dull, low-scoring affair. Maybe reruns would have been more entertaining.

Last month, Edwards urged the NFL to review its replay policies after a missed pass interference call played a critical role in the Saints’ loss to the Rams, 26-23, in the NFC Championship Game. Saints fans “will not forget it,” he said.

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