GOP Candidate Can’t Use ‘Trump’ Nickname On Ballot

A GOP candidate for a Kentucky statewide office claimed his “Trump” nickname should appear on the ballot, but a judge won’t allow it.

Carl Nett, who’s running for Kentucky secretary of state, asked if he could be called “Trump!” when filing his candidacy for the November election, claiming it’s a “bona fide nickname” given to him by locals for his support of the president, who remains popular in the state.

But Franklin County Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate ruled that the nickname wasn’t part of Nett’s public persona and would give him an “inherently unfair advantage” in the election.

Nett had tried to salvage the nickname first by dropping the exclamation point, opting for just “Trump.”

Republican challenger Michael Adams still objected, arguing that Nett’s claimed nickname was bogus, and that “he merely sought political advantage through its use.”

The judge agreed, saying Nett’s campaign material mentioned “Trump” only once ― in a fundraising letter addressed to “Dear fellow Trump supporter.” The “Trump” name was only given to Nett three years ago “in jest,” the judge added.

Nett told CBS News he didn’t think the name would confuse anyone, and vowed to appeal.

“I don’t think anyone seriously goes into the booth, sees the name ‘Trump’ and thinks they’re voting for him for secretary of state,” Nett said.

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