George Conway Names The Donald Trump Character Trait That Now Drives U.S. Foreign Policy

In two tweets, the conservative attorney shared “further examples of the impact of American foreign policy” that was “now being driven more by one man’s narcissistic personality disorder than by the national interest and rational consideration of intelligence assessments.”

Conway first linked to Susan Glasser’s letter for The New Yorker titled “Audience Of One: Why Flattery Works In Trump’s Foreign Policy.”

In another post, Conway explained Trump’s narcissism with four bullet points — and linked to a tweet by Politico reporter Eliana Johnson detailing Trump’s reported claim that only he could solve “the North Korea problem.”

Conway, a vocal critic of the president despite his wife’s lofty position within the Trump administration, launched on Wednesday a Twitter poll on Trump’s credibility.

In the wake of Trump’s “enemy of the people” attack on The New York Times, Conway asked his followers to state who they thought was more credible ― Trump or the newspaper. The survey ends early Saturday. More than 208,000 votes have been cast so far.

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