Donald Trump Jr. Retweets Praise For Michael Cohen As Witness With ‘No Reason To Lie’

Michael Cohen noted in his opening statement before Congress Wednesday that Donald Trump frequently told him and others that his oldest son Donald Trump Jr. “had the worst judgment of anyone in the world.”

The president’s son showed there may be truth in that statement with a shower of tweets Wednesday attacking the testimony of Cohen, the president’s longtime personal lawyer and fixer.

In one case, Trump Jr. inexplicably retweeted a post from journalist Garrett M. Graff that suggested Cohen was telling the truth.

The irony may have gone unnoticed by Trump Jr., but not by Graff.

Other people on Twitter also took note of the gaffe.

Some people felt compelled to let Trump Jr. know they weren’t impressed with his judgment, either.

Trump Jr. also tried to use his father’s summit with Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi as reason to dismiss Cohen’s testimony:

But he got owned there as well:

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