Donald Trump Jr. Accuses Media Of Trying To Subvert Democracy

Donald Trump Jr. railed against the news media on Monday as he accused it of attempting to subvert American democracy.

President Donald Trump’s son echoed his father’s repeated and sustained attacks on journalists who report critically on him when he told Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the press should just let POTUS “do his job”

“They have shot themselves in the foot time and time again, because they so desperately want this to be the truth, as opposed to saying, ‘You know what? Trump’s done a darn good job as president,’” Trump Jr. said.

It followed a discussion about BuzzFeed’s reporting that Trump instructed his former fixer and lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress, which special counsel Robert Mueller’s office is now disputing ― and the conflicting narratives of a video that went viral over the weekend featuring a white student wearing a Make America Great Again hat and a Native American man.

“If you look at any economic metric today, Laura, we are substantially better off than we were two short years ago before he took office because he’s doing a great job,” the president’s son said. “Imagine what he could do without the noise––every day there’s a new reason for impeachment.”

The media has “done more to hurt the credibility of this country’s institution as a democracy than anything in history,” he added.

It echoed his tweet about the undermining of democracy on Saturday:

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