Donald Trump Has Attacked Russia Probe 1,100 Times, And Defended Putin More Than Anyone

The newspaper noted in an article Tuesday that Trump as president “has publicly criticized dozens of people and groups related to federal inquiries into contacts between his campaign and Russia” more than 1,100 times.

The staggering tally includes attacks that Trump has launched on Twitter, in speeches, at rallies and during interviews targeting the investigation, 2016 Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey, former President Barack Obama’s administration and the news media.

Per the Times’ analysis, Trump has commented on the investigations “at least once on 330 days, or more than 43 percent of his time in office” as of last Thursday.

The Times also noted the number of occasions that Trump has defended people who used to be in his circle — such as former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who has admitted lying to the FBI. 

“But whom or what does he defend the most?” asked the newspaper. “President Vladimir V. Putin and Russia.”

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