Donald Trump Claims ‘No President Ever Worked Harder.’ Twitter Isn’t Buying It.

President Donald Trump on Monday claimed he’s burning the candle at both ends more than any past president did, setting Twitter ablaze with defiant responses.

“No president ever worked harder than me” the president tweeted, adding that he’s “cleaning up” the so-called “mess” he inherited.

Leaked documents obtained by Axios showed Trump has used 60 percent of working hours dedicated to unstructured “executive time,” which the outlet described as a catch-all term for hanging out in his residence watching TV, tweeting, making phone calls and holding impromptu meetings.

Trump on Sunday claimed his use of “executive time” shouldn’t be viewed in a negative light and denied using the bulk of his open hours to relax.

But Twitter users were ready to pounce Monday over Trump’s eyebrow-raising claim about his work ethic.

“Sitting on the couch tweeting and watching TV is not ‘working,’” one Twitter user replied.

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