Donald Trump Blasts ‘Executive Time’ Report, Claims He Doesn’t Often Use It To Relax

President Donald Trump on Sunday ranted about a recent Axios report that found he’s spent more than half of his working hours in unstructured “executive time” since the November midterm elections.

The president claimed that he usually isn’t relaxing during “executive time,” which Axios described as a catchall time for watching television, making phone calls to advisers and friends and reading the news.

“When the term Executive Time is used, I am generally working, not relaxing,” Trump tweeted Sunday. “In fact, I probably work more hours than almost any past President.”

“The fact is, when I took over as President, our Country was a mess,” he continued. “I had no choice but to work very long hours!”

Trump commented that it should have been “very easy” for the media to get a hold of his work schedule. Politico reported Friday that his administration has begun searching for the staffer who leaked the president’s schedule to Axios.

The documents obtained by Axios reveal that the president has spent some 300 hours ― 60 percent of his working hours ― in executive time. On some days, Trump spent nearly the entire working day in executive time, Axios reported.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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