Andrew McCabe Doubles Down On Credibility: ‘I Never Lied’

Former FBI acting Director Andrew McCabe emphatically defended his credibility Monday, claiming he was always truthful despite Justice Department findings to the contrary.

Citing a “21-year career in the FBI, absolutely unblemished career until the point at which the president decided and communicated to several people that he wanted me to go,” McCabe told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that the conclusions of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who had been appointed under the Obama administration, were erroneous.

“What I can say about that IG report, which … I deeply dispute, is that I never lied, never deliberately misled anyone, not in the IG’s office, not in the FBI, and certainly never [as] a director of the FBI under any circumstances at any time.”

McCabe was fired by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March 2018, less than two days before his retirement date, after the DOJ accused him of misleading investigators about his authorization of a leak to the media by his subordinates.

He has since argued that his ousting was really due to his decision to begin investigating President Donald Trump in two separate probes ― one regarding potential obstruction of justice following the firing of former FBI Director James Comey, and another on whether Trump was acting as a Russian agent.

“I can’t explain why the process seems to have been so greatly impacted by politics,” McCabe said, unable to fully explain why Horowitz, who was not a Trump appointee, would have filed a false report to vilify him.

McCabe’s memoir about his time in the White House, titled “The Threat,” was published this month, claiming Trump is a danger to the country. He has made a series of cable news appearances promoting the book, discussing his work in the administration and drawing the ire of the president, who has accused him of lying and spreading a “deranged” story.

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