Amy Klobuchar Screamed At An Aide And Then Ate Her Salad With A Comb

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar (D) has already come under fire for the way she treats her staff, but there’s one allegation that’s really forked up.

The New York Times is reporting that back in 2008, Klobuchar was traveling to South Carolina when an aide procured a salad for her to eat on the plane.

Unfortunately, he forgot to get a fork before getting on the plane and the crew didn’t have utensils either.

Klobuchar reportedly berated the aide for the goof, but what happened next was even more shocking: the senator pulled a comb from her bag and used it as a makeshift fork, the Times reported.

It got even grosser: Once she finished her meal, Klobuchar handed the comb to her aide and demanded he clean it.

HuffPost reached out to the Klobuchar campaign, which did not immediately respond. However, the Times reports that Klobuchar has recounted the incident to fellow Democrats.

The incident seems to fit in with other reports that the senator and 2020 presidential candidate is hard on her staff, so hard that at least three people have withdrawn from consideration to lead her campaign.

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